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Introductory Session: 


Your first session consists of time spent getting to know you and your life story. It's important for Angela to understand what life events have happened to you in this lifetime. She needs to understand the people both positive and negative that have had the biggest impact in shaping your life. She often runs into some of them in your past lifetimes. Next, comes the hypnosis portion of the session. You are gently guided into a state of relaxation through a meditative story. All you have to do is listen. Once you are in a deep state of relaxation the images will start to appear. Angela will guide you through two to three past lifetimes. Then she will speak with your Higher Consciousness and ask the questions you have prepared. After she brings you out of hypnosis she spends some time with you to visit and talk about connections you made and other insights you received.

Subsidized Introductory Session: 

You Meeting You Hypnosis offers subsidized introductory sessions. Angela doesn't want price to shut the door to people seeking help. You can request to be added to her waiting list for those seeking services at the subsidized price. The client is responsible for $165.00 and the remainder is covered through generous donations and/or her donated time.

Follow-up Session: 

Your first session usually just scratches the surface of your past lifetimes. During follow-up sessions you begin to see patterns that are carrying over through time. Sometimes you'll be given more information from a life you saw in your introductory session and/or shown different lifetimes. Your subconscious is protective and sometimes won't show you too much to handle in your first session. In my own experience I was shown a portion of a lifetime of a women, but wasn't shown her traumatic death until a latter session. Your Higher Consciousness is usually more open after seeing your willingness to learn and grow. Most past life work takes three to four sessions for full benefit.

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