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1. What is hypnosis?


Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation. Hypnosis is a way for you to bypass your

conscious mind and give your subconscious mind a chance to speak for awhile. We think

all we are is our conscious mind. But we are so much more than that.

2. Can I be hypnotized?


Yes! Have you ever zoned out while watching a T.V. show? You knew all that was going on in the room around you, but you put it in the background and kept your focus on the show. You were in hypnosis. You were “MESMERIZED”! We go in and out of hypnosis every day. If you have ever driven home and couldn’t remember the last half of your drive, you were in hypnosis. It is a very natural state of mind. If you want to experience hypnosis, you will. People often confuse hypnosis with unconsciousness. With past life regression hypnosis you are fully aware of the room and the Hypnotist. You just simply relax. You're not unconscious. If anything you're in a state of super-consciousness.

You remain in control of yourself at all times. Your ability to censor yourself remains intact. The Hypnotist does not control your mind in any way. You can even lie!

3. What if I say or do something embarrassing?


Stage hypnosis shows often make people misunderstand what hypnosis is. The people  the Hypnotist calls on stage are people who naturally don’t mind performing for others  and are willing to do so. If they don’t want to do what the Hypnotist asks of them they can simply reject the suggestion. A past life regression session is nothing like a stage    hypnosis show. That said, it’s important not to judge what you see and to report what you see in your session. If you see yourself as a prostitute, but felt embarrassed by it, do not judge that life. It’s important information to that lifetime’s story and you may not get the information you need if you hold back. 

4. I'm a religious person and not sure I believe in past lives. Do      I have to believe in reincarnation?

No, but it helps to have an open mind. A past life regression can be beneficial and is unique to each individual. I have held sessions with very religious people of different faiths. I asked them after the session if they felt it conflicted with their religious beliefs and have been told, “No, it was neat!” All that matters is that you feel you may benefit from the experience.

5. I want to experience Past Life Regression Hypnosis, but I'm scared           of what I might see. Is it scary?

In a past life regression session you are viewing the events from an observer's point of view. If you are experiencing something you do not want to experience you may say so. You may see distressing events, but remember, your Higher Consciousness will only show you what it knows you can handle. It is being shown to you for a reason. You will be taken through your death scene, but you do not have to experience any pain or sensations. You can observe the scene from a distance. You remain in control at all times.


6. What kind of lives do people have and are they real?


You may see anything from prehistoric times to a futuristic earth, and anywhere in time and space between the two. Some people see alien lifetimes on other planets. Some have fantasy type experiences like being a fairy or a mermaid/merman. Some see themselves as objects like a machine, a rock, a mountain, a flower, if they were real. Many people have verified their past lives, finding physical evidence like their birth record, or gravestone, or the homes or towns where they lived. Sometimes things don’t match up and couldn’t have happened the way they saw it (I mean how many George Washington’s could there have been?). Other times the experience may just be

metaphor or symbolism. It’s important not to worry about that during your session. Just relax and let the images flow. Your Higher Consciousness will show you something it wants you to learn from. Don’t worry about whether it is literal or proverbial during your session. You could get hung up on analyzing and block out what you need to be shown because it doesn’t fit with what you’re willing to accept.

7. What if I was a terrible person in a past life?

I know that can be worrisome. If you were a "terrible" person you can work on releasing self punishment and guilt, and begin making amends for what happened in that lifetime. All the more reason to run toward a session and not away from one.

We experience lifetimes from every perspective. Sometimes we’re the “good guy”, others the “bad guy”. Greedy vs. Generous, Powerful vs. Powerless, Murderer vs. Murdered, Begrudging vs. Forgiving. Every experience has lessons to teach. Understanding comes when we cross over to the other side and that life is examined and explained to us. Your conscious mind knows this is not happening now, and there is a detachment you have from the lives that you are shown. How you are living this life is the most important one to be concerned about.


Frequently Asked Questions




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