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What is Past Life Regression Hypnosis?

Past Life Regression Hypnosis is a process where you are able to recover the memories of your former lifetimes through the process of hypnosis (nothing like stage hypnosis). Having a past life regression session is beneficial in many ways. During the session you will gain insight about what is affecting your life now. Hypnosis opens the door to spiritual outlets that can be difficult to obtain by yourself. It is through this healing art that the information can be retrieved and processed. It is a metaphysical experience that most have never had the opportunity to experience before. The following are examples of events people often encounter during their past life regression sessions.

Physical Symptoms


People often find that once they know how they died in a past/future life, a physical symptom they have been experiencing goes away. An unexplained pain in the side may come from death from being run through by a spear; a tightness in the throat, strangulation; a pain in the back, being crushed; constant migraines, beheaded; breathing problems, drowning. Our bodies carry over the information from past lives, especially if we died in traumatic ways. Sometimes a physical condition may be from an injury sustained in a former lifetime. Eczema may occur on parts of the body where you may have been burned. An unexplained pain in the shoulder could be from a wound sustained in battle.  

In my own life I found resolution for a symptom my body experienced for many years. Every now and again I would feel like a big ball of cotton was stuck in my throat. Sometimes something would catch in when I swallowed and I would experience a sharp pain. I chalked it up to my body being weird and I didn’t give much thought to it. Once I had the knowledge of a past life as a woman who was hung for being a witch (when in actuality she was dying from the plague) the sensations in my throat ceased. I wasn’t even thinking of my throat at the time of the regression, but I noticed a few days later that I hadn’t felt the pain when I swallowed. I haven’t felt the pain or the sensation of cotton in my throat since. I think the symptom came on when I reach the age the woman was when she died.  I'll tell you how my decades long back pain was healed when you come for your session.

I have found that once these unexplained symptoms arise it’s your body letting you know you're now ready to retrieve the information from your past/future lifetimes.

Emotional/Behavioral Concerns

Many emotional problems you may experience come from other places and times. Depression,

anxiety, fear, anger, sadness, can be carried over from one life to another. Sometimes we experience feelings that seem deeper than what is happening in our current life. Once the knowledge is retrieved the residue from that life can be washed off. For example, a woman who felt deeply depressed even though there was nothing too serious going on in her life. We all feel down sometimes, but this was more. During her session she learned of a lifetime in which she was a male soldier trying to save his fellow soldiers, but he was unsuccessful and all died. Once she remembered this the sadness lifted. Another example is a woman who was terrified of 


water. She hadn’t had any scary experiences in water and it seemed irrational to be so scared. Once she knew she had drowned as a child in a past life she could let that fear go. She wasn’t going to drown; she already had. The same may be true of other fears and phobias. Often one has already experienced the fearful event that is the source of the phobia. 

Emotional patterns my carry over from lifetime to lifetime. For example, a man with a serious anger problem who learned he has been an angry person over several lifetimes. He knew he had to change the pattern or it would repeat. Another man with an anger problem learned of a lifetime with a very angry and abusive father. He had brought the fathers anger and the anger the child felt about being treated so harshly into this life. Once he knew where this anger came from he was able to change.


Unhelpful behaviors may stem from past life events. An example would be a man who has    weight issues. He loses weight but always gains it back. This was incredibly frustrating for him. In his past life he lived in a period of famine in his village. Everyone was hungry and      suffering. He eventually passed away from starvation. As he died he vowed he would never  go hungry again. The man carried that vow into this lifetime, and it will not allow him to keep  the weight off. Once he cleared this blockage from his past life he was able to achieve and  maintain a healthy weight. Again, this was information the man had no other way of retriev-

ing. On the other end of the spectrum-Anorexia. Underling sources of anorexia have been uncovered and carried over into this lifetime. Once the knowledge is retrieved the client can begin their path to recovery and seek the professional help they need. Vows of celibacy, vows of poverty an others can be causing havoc in this lifetime.

We may be shown lifetimes that help to heal an emotional wound. A woman felt deep sadness mixed with anger at not being able to conceive a child. She felt cheated. She wanted nothing more than to be a mother. She was shown a future lifetime where she was happily married and had a house full of children. Her pain lessened as she began to understand that she would have children and nothing had been lost. She felt excited about being able to experience what it felt like to be a mother. She beamed with pride. Another man felt deep loss and anger at having his child die. He couldn’t understand why this happened and couldn’t move past his grief. He was shown a past lifetime where his child was his father. He was shown a future life where his child would be his granddaughter. He was deeply moved. He was able to allow the grieving process to take place knowing his connection to his child has always been and will continue to be.

Health Issues

Your mind can do amazing things to help you. Our conscious mind is only 5% of our working mind, the other 95% is our subconscious. Your subconscious mind is ready and willing to help you, it just needs to be given an opportunity. I’m not a healer, I’m just the tour guide. You heal yourself. Your Higher Consciousness may heal you immediately, may give you instruction on a diet you must follow, or may inform you about what is making you ill. There are many kinds of “dis-ease” and many ways your Higher Consciousness may choose to address them. 


During your session you will have the opportunity to allow your Higher Consciousness to address  health problems. Your Higher Consciousness desires to help you, but sometimes it can’t. Some-    times people outwardly want to have better health, but inwardly like the attention they receive         from talking about their illnesses. Others fear what they would do with themselves if  their health    issues were gone. Others unconsciously use their health problem as a form of self punishment.      You have to analyze yourself and see if there is a secondary gain from the health problem. You      must be ready to push past all of that type of thinking. Sometimes the health problem is there to    deliver a message. You must be ready to listen and make changes.                                                                                       

“Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.” -Hippocrates, Father of medicine. In your session you will have the opportunity to access a part of your mind you do not consciously know. Trust in the power of your Higher Consciousness to do the rest.

Relationship Issues

Relationship conflict can be carried over. We come here with members of our soul family and spend several lifetimes together. An example would be a husband who constantly feared his wife would leave him. She had never done anything to make him feel that way. This fear kept him closed off. He was afraid to love her deeply and had made a wall around his heart. He was shown a lifetime where his wife had been his mother. She had abandoned him and his father and ran away to New York to become a dancer. He never saw her again. With this knowledge he was able to put down his defenses and truly love his wife for the first time. The fear he had been experiencing was gone. He knew now that his wife was not going anywhere. 

In another example, a woman who fought constantly with her sister. They couldn’t spend any

time together without it ending in a fight. Their parents couldn’t understand why their daughters

didn’t get along. They thought they would grow out of it, but they hadn’t. The woman was

shown a lifetime as man. His wife had had an affair with a man who owned a farm outside of

town. That man is her sister now. The woman understood why she had such a bad relationship

with her sister. She was able to realize that her sister has not betrayed her. It was easier for her

not to get drawn into a fight when she was around her. The residual negative energy that was

carried over from that lifetime lessened. 


Rewarding Benefits

Sometimes you are able to retrieve talents and strengths you formerly had. Many feel a boost of confidence. Women often see what it's like to have lived as a man in another lifetime. It is empowering for them. Men have expressed an astonishment to feel what it is like to be a woman. One client commented, "I had no idea women felt so deeply. Men don't have the ability to feel like that." Others see lifetimes with completely different personalities than they have now. They are able to bring the traits they liked about that person and incorporate them back into this lifetime.

dreams-3745156_1920 (1).jpg

As part of your session you will be taken through your death scene and offered the opportunity to cross over. People see and feel amazing things. They express how there are no words to describe what they see. They often speak of seeing colors that do not exist here. But most of all they are stunned by the overwhelming feeling of unconditional love. They tell me they have never felt that kind of love before. While you are there you meet those who looked out for you while you were on your earthly journey in that lifetime. Some connect with loved ones who have passed. Dying is not so frightening anymore. You’re given internal wisdom and peace.

Also, as part of your session you will have the opportunity to ask your Higher Consciousness questions you would like to have answered about your life (see more in the                                          tab). This is very rewarding and unique to each individual.

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