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Hypnosis Practitioner

Angela Anderson-Mitchell 

Get to know Angela

I have always had what I consider to be spiritual gifts. In my youth I had a remarkable ability to            receive knowledge about other people that they had never revealed to me, but later found out to be







accurate. I had deep insight into others souls. I was frequently told by adults that I was wise beyond my years. As I grew older friends and family would seek me out for advice. I’m the kind of friend that one goes to when they want the truth. I’m easy to talk to. I’ve heard more than once, “I’ve never told anyone that before.” from people who are drawn to me for my wisdom and understanding. I can see who you really are—the you without all the earthly baggage. I delight in watching people grow and progress, and find great pleasure in helping others on their spiritual journey. I’m deeply moved when others have told me they are a better person for having known me.  


I am highly intuitive. Not only will I hear what you say, I will pick up on what you don’t say. I am able to work with that information as I serve as your guide during your session. People can be somewhat guarded talking with a stranger about their life. I get it! So, it comes in handy to pick up on what is being left out. I follow my gut to help you get the most out of your session. Sometimes my gut will tell me to ask a question and my mind will say, "I can't ask that." "Do it!" my gut will say. It usually leads me in a direction of my client's past life that I would have missed otherwise.


I love past life regression work. I enjoy observing how your mind works to help you. It's fun to see the adventures people have in other places and times. It’s beautiful to see the positive changes this opportunity gives people. I'm so glad you're in the right place. I’m honored to be your guide to the wonders of your subconscious mind. I look forward to serving you on your spiritual path. Let your journey begin!



The story of how Angela came to be a 

Past Life Regression Hypnosis Practitioner



When I was attending my past life regression hypnosis training, my instructor said, “You don’t choose this work. This work chooses you.” I can attest to that! Here is my story. 

Several years ago I looked into attending a hypnosis school in the state of Utah, USA where I live. In my research I stumbled across past life regression hypnosis. That seemed fascinating to me. I looked up training programs that taught past life regression hypnosis. I found my schools program and saw that the next class was going to be in Canada and the one after that was someplace in Asia. I thought to myself, “Well, that’s out.” My children were small at the time and trundling off to another country didn’t seem feasible. The thought of learning hypnosis soon left my mind and I didn’t think of it again. 

The years passed by. Then one day that small voice that speaks to you, that you know is not you, started to speak. The voice said, “Go look up that hypnosis academy again.” I wasn’t sure if I even remembered the name of the school, so I ignored the voice. Later in the day the voice came again speaking the same message more firmly this time. Just out of curiosity I went to my computer and started searching for the academy. I found it and saw that the next class would be in one month, and it was going to be in Arkansas, USA. 

I thought, “Well it would be fun, but I don’t have the money and it would be scary to fly across the country by myself. I can’t do it.” I closed my computer and went about my day. Then the voice came again, “Go see how much is in your savings account.” I thought to myself, “There’s no way I have enough in there to pay for the class”. I reluctantly pulled up the savings account information. There was the exact amount to pay for the course. I immediately began to argue, “But what about a plane ticket and hotel.” The voice came back, “Look at the amount in your checking account.” I responded, “There is no way that there is hundreds of extra dollars in there!” “Go look!” came the command. To my utter surprise there was enough to pay for a plane ticket and a dumpy hotel. “Where did this money come from?” I thought to myself.  

I worried and stewed and worried some more. I didn’t sleep well that night. I worried about spending all of that money, I worried about leaving the children, I had never traveled that far away from home before, let alone by myself, and I wasn’t sure how well past life regression services would be received in a predominantly Mormon/Christian area.

The next day the voice was back. “Go sign up for the course.” Again I ignored it. It persisted. I insisted, “I can’t do it!”. And back and forth it went all day long. “Look! Maybe I have enough for the class, hotel, and the flight, but I would have to get a ride from the airport to the school which is an hour away. That’s at least another hundred dollars. I just don’t have enough!” I thought to myself, “Finally this will stop.” Silence from the voice. I went about my afternoon. 

Later that evening I went to put something away in my bedroom. As I passed my dresser something caught my eye. I put what I was carrying down and walked over to the dresser. I noticed the corner of a bill sticking out from under a piece of paper. I slowly pulled the bill out and unfolded it. It was a hundred dollar bill. 

Now, I was silent. I stood there stunned. The voice came again, “Go sign up.” I complained, “Okay, Fine! I’ll do it. But this is way out of my comfort zone, I don’t know how this is going to work in Mormon land, and it’s really scary!” My heart raced. I walked back to my living room and sat down. I turned on the T.V. and the first voice out of it said, “Get over your fear and do it anyways.” That shut me up. I humbled myself and began the preparations.

I don’t know why this has been asked of me. But I trust and believe that you will be sent to me, just as I was sent to help you. I look forward to meeting you and helping you on your path to You Meeting You.


Angela holds a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish/Sociology from Southern Utah University. She has received her duel Past Life Regression Hypnosis certification and training from the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy, and The American School of Hypnosis. With addition training hours in advance past life regression, life between lives regression, age regression, spirit releasement regression, with additional tutelage from practicing Past Life Regressionist.

Hello! Thanks for visiting You Meeting You Hypnosis. Here is a little about me and my journey into the  world of past life regression hypnosis. I was born and raised in a small country town in Utah, USA. It    was a lovely little town to grow up in. I was surrounded by beautiful, loving, spiritual people. A real      Norman Rockwell kind of place.

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