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J.M.--Male Client, When I decided to see Angela for a past life regression, I really didn't know what to expect. I was skeptical about the whole thing in general, and to be honest, I did it because my wife wanted me to do it. Angela was friendly, and the state of hypnosis was surprisingly peaceful and was not hypnotic in the Hollywood sense. It was more like a meditation. I was fully conscious and aware of what was happening.


When I looked down and saw sandals on my feet, and saw my female body, and looked out on a Mediterranean landscape, I knew this person was me. I saw three lives altogether, including a being that I cannot describe, who witnessed the expansion of a new universe. As I think back on this experience, I am filled with exhilaration.


One of the questions I wanted to ask during the regression had to do with a skin condition that has caused me extreme discomfort for more than two decades. I was able to talk to my higher self/spirit guides/guardian angels about this skin condition. Afterward, within a week, the condition began to clear up, and now my skin requires a fraction of the care that it used to. I had tried all kinds of traditional and alternative medicine over more than twenty years, and the torture ended almost immediately after the session. This can't be a mere coincidence. 


I highly recommend Angela's services. This is not just about witnessing past lives. During your session, you connect with the wisdom of the universe, to learn things you cannot learn any other way.

M. A.--Female Client, My hypnotherapy session with Angela was a good one. I believe that delving into pieces of myself that I didn't know, helped me subconsciously grow. Before the experience, I came with problems like lack of confidence and self esteem. I came with hopes of being at peace with who I was.

In one of the lives I went into, I was a confident male actor in the big city. All the girls in the theater were in love with me. I have never felt the admiration of so many people before. Being in that situation helped me realize that I am loved, and am more important than I may think.

In another one of my lives, I was a crazy old woman. This life took place during the Salem witch trials era, when many men and women who were believed to be participating in witchcraft were tortured, and killed. In that life, I was really a good person who had no intent of causing harm, but yet I was captured and hung. I think the message my subconscious was telling me was that I criticize myself too much, and I put too much pressure on myself to be perfect in the eye of my peers.

After the session, I noticed changes such as that I didn't take criticism and honesty too personally. I was able to stand up for myself more, and be confident in who I am. I still do struggle with doubting myself, but it became less prominent. Since the session, I don't judge myself as harshly as I used to.

In another of my lives, I was a poor woman who lived in a wooden house with my husband. He struggled to make money and live a happy life, but we managed. Eventually I got pregnant, and while giving birth, I died. For as long as I can think of, I have been so afraid of pregnancy and childbirth, as well as many people. But for me, the fear of it holds me back from even thinking about having children in the future. I do have a lot of other worries that go along with that, but I think my mind wanted to show me that life to show me why I was so afraid. Now, I still don't intend to have any children in the future, but now I know the reasons behind my fear. I saw the effect that having a child could have on me, and I understand that fear better now.

Since the session, I think I have been happier. I am around people more, and am less insecure about what I wear, do, say, or how I look. I trust myself more than I did before, and I am willing to take risks that I can learn from. I put less of a restriction on myself over little things, and I trust my gut instinct when making critical decisions. I think the session has helped me become more wise, confident, and at peace with who I am.

Someone might expect me to say to only have a session if you are open minded about reincarnation and such. But to me, I think it is something that anyone would learn from. Despite your beliefs or skepticism of things like this, it is something you really should try. Even if you walk out of it feeling like nothing happened, and you had no changes, I am sure that you have subconsciously changed, or changes are to come your way soon enough. If you do choose to have this experience, I would recommend that you come with a positive mindset. I recommend going to Angela, because unlike many people, she gives her all to help you. She makes you feel comfortable, and right at home, even if your mind is in some unfamiliar place and time. She is a hard worker who is determined to give you a wonderful time. She won't judge or criticize you because of your past life; she wants to help you grow, and supports you in your journey of self discovery, and happiness

K. D.--Female Client, When I entered Angela's office, I wasn't sure what to expect but the room itself was calm and welcoming. Angela was very enthusiastic and easy to talk with. It was refreshing to just talk about things, and I didn't feel any pressure. It felt like a safe place to be.

When we began the regression I was a little nervous because I'd never really done anything like it before. I slowly drifted into my subconscious self. It was like nothing I'd experienced before.

I found myself as a man in a seaside cave. The cool damp pressing against my skin and an urgency in my chest. It was all so real, the call of the gulls in the distance, the crashing of the waves, and the emotions that surged through me. I was within and without the experience, inside the cave, but inside my head. It felt ancient and otherworldly. It was as real as anything though.

In another life, I was a poor Irishman in 1847, with a bowed head begging for forgiveness for having abandon my daughter with a richer, better off family who could care for her during these terrible times. I could feel the guilt in my heart and the hunger in my stomach. The loss was so heavy it nearly knocked the air from me and though I'd created a new family for myself years later, I could not forgive myself for not being enough for my daughter.

During my session, I had no idea the Irish Potato Famine had occurred between 1845-1849. I had no idea that the year that had pounded in my head would have any significance until I researched the fact and discovered that it was commonplace for families to be separated in hopes of better lives for children and wives due to lack of food and funds.

In another life, I was a woman in the early 1900's in England, in an arranged marriage with an abusive husband. Everything felt so real and terrible during that life, and fear was a constant companion.

The experience left me in awe and dumbfounded. It took me months to process all of the feelings that lingered. It was a new sort of knowing. It was empowering, but it also made me feel small in the vastness of the universe. Mostly it changed the way I see the world. There is significance in every life and every moment, and we are allowed to experience so many wonderful and terrible things.

I would do it again, and would recommend it to anyone with an once of curiosity inside of them. It really is an experience that is unlike any other. You may find things that are unsettling about your past and about yourself, but if you use the regression as a way to learn and grow, there is no substitute for the insight you receive.

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