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Preparing For Your Session

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Before You Come For Your Session

  • You will need to prepare a list of questions you would like your Higher Consciousness to answer. Most people have questions about life path/career/relationships/ unexplained life events/health problems. The sky's the limit. Please have your questions typed or neatly written on paper and not on electronic devices. People often ask me how many question they can ask. I recommend writing them all down and going back over them to see if they fall into certain areas. Then formulate one or two questions for each category you come up with. 

  • Sessions are conducted one on one. Please do not bring any friend or family member with you to your session. 

  • If you will be flying in, please plan on arriving the day before your session. Please plan your departing flight for the following day. Please make sure your flight/hotel are refundable/exchangeable in case of emergency/illness on your part or mine. 

  • Please wear clothing that is not tight or uncomfortable to you. You'll be lying down for the hypnosis portion of your session. Eat a big breakfast, and get your fill of caffeine. If you're the type that is really sensitive to caffeine you may need to cut out that second cup of coffee. You know your body best. Sessions last anywhere from 4-6 hours, some longer. Being hungry or having a caffeine headache will interfere with your session. 

  • Please do not wear scented perfume/cologne, or scented lotions. 

  • Please reserve the day to yourself. Do Not have any event planned after your session. You should not feel in a rush to get somewhere. Most people need time after the session to soak in the experience. 

  • Please bring a USB Flash Drive if you would like a copy of your session recording.

  • Please bring a snack to eat before you leave the session to go home or plan on buying something to eat. 

  • If you have night blindness and are unable to drive home in the dark, please let Angela know so she can plan your session accordingly. It gets dark early in the winter months in Utah.

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